Jeannette G. Moretti (Caracas, July 3rd, 1972) is an artist based between Venezuela and Italy, who began his pictorial exploration of spirals and abstract elements and then jump to Pop Art.


Jeannette G. Moretti, entered the world of art at the early age of four. Since then, she has explored numerous techniques such as silk-screen printing, engraving/printmaking, acrylic, watercolor, pastels, oil painting, asphalt, enamel/lacquer and mixed techniques.
In the 80s she studies Painting at ATEPIN (Atelier of Painters for its initials in Spanish) and later on, she continues with her artistic education at the studio of Teresa Cid.
Between 1989 and 1993 she takes her first steps into Graphic Design at Instituto de Diseño IDD/Fundación Neumann, Venezuela. Shortly thereafter, she moves to the United States where she works as a layout designer for Crónica Newspaper, a Latin newspaper published in Washington, DC. Then she works as a designed for Professional & Scientific Associates, company that organizes diverse types of events, making an important personal and professional transition as she became a certified event planner (Certified Meeting Professional (CMP)).
Her calling to know the world and experience new adventures took her on a 12-year-journey working as liaison for the most prominent and renowned personalities in the United States such as former US Presidents William Clinton and George W. Bush, former Attorney General John Ashcroft, singer and activist Bono from U2, actor and activist Bill Cosby, former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Peter Pace and former Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, among others.
Jeannette G. Moretti was also cofounder of the non-profit organization Network of Latino Meeting Professionals (The Network), which was created on 2006 with the objective to broaden the impact and encourage empathy towards matters related to Event Planners of Latin Origin in the United States.
Without leaving her creativity on the side, she remained connected to the artistic world studying sculpture and photography at the Corcoran Institute of Art and Torpedo Factory, where she continuously participated in auctions in benefit of the Organization of American States (OAS) and other associated organizations.
After being a member of the corporate world for many years, Jeannette returns to her homeland in Venezuela on 2010, where she decides to dedicate her life entirely to the arts.


2015 Duality. The Most Wanted. Caracas, Venezuela
2015 Duality. The Most Wanted. Miami, USA
2015 Duality. The Most Wanted. Barcelona, Spain
2015 You Are Not Alone. No Gag. Caracas, Venezuela
2015 IV Auction, NIDHOS. Coro, Venezuela
2015 XI Auction, FUNDANA. Caracas, Venezuela
2014 I Auction, From the Heart. Caracas, Venezuela
2014 X Auction, FUNDANA. Caracas, Venezuela
2014 III Auction, NIDHOS. Coro, Venezuela
2013 World Art Day. Caracas, Venezuela
2013 INDIVIDUAL – Encounters. DAC. Caracas, Venezuela
2013 II Auction, NIDHOS. Coro, Venezuela
2013 South Area. Caracas, Venezuela
2013 International Art and Antiques Fair of Maracaibo (FIAAM, for its acronym in Spanish).Maracaibo, Venezuela
2013 I Auction, Voz Alta Autism Foundation
2012 Modern Art. Acarigua, Venezuela
2012 COMARTE, (1st Hall of Art of Baruta). Caracas, Venezuela
2012 INDIVIDUAL – Spirals. Tokesplace. Washington, DC. USA
2012 Casa de la Cultura Baruta. Caracas, Venezuela
2012 Baruta Cultural Center. Caracas, Venezuela
2012 International Art and Antiques Fair of Maracaibo (FIAAM). Maracaibo, Venezuela
2005 Art for Life. Organization of American States (OAS). Washington, DC. USA
2003 Art for Life. Organization of American States (OAS). Washington, DC. USA
1993 BODIES Photography Exhibition. Institute of Design. Caracas, Venezuela
1989 Painting Competition, METRO de CARACAS. Caracas, Venezuela
1986 BIRDS Exhibition. Club Campestre Los Cortijos. Caracas, Venezuela
1983 1983 Painting Competition, INAPET. 1st Place. Caracas, Venezuela
1983 Painting Competition, ATEPIN. 3rd Place. Caracas, Venezuela
1982 Painting Competition, INAPET. Caracas, Venezuela



Jeannette G. Moretti believes that her first two series – Abstracts and Spirals- portrait the search for inner knowledge, the connection with the Universe, continuous growth, constant transformation, infinity, an instant that does not repeat itself. All of that represents a constant confrontation between the light and the shadow of the human being.
Her work invites to continue the search for perfection, balance and acceptance, highlighting the fact that we are all perfect even with our flaws.
Currently, the artist is inclined towards Pop Art, bringing from the past those characters that have been admired by different generations, combining the same in spite of their individual nature.


The artistic technique used in the first series – Abstracts and Spirals- was based on the use of enamel/lacquer painting on canvas, with the aid of thinner to dissolve and achieve a mix of colors able to express a feeling of fluidity.
After exploring with different materials, Moretti moves into Pop Art as style and the search for other materials leads her to place digital images on MDF boards and/or canvas, performing art intervention on the same with the use of acrylic and varnishing in order to protect the pieces.



1983 Painting Competition, INAPET. 1st Place. Caracas, Venezuela
1983 Painting Competition, ATEPIN. 3rd Place. Caracas, Venezuela